Confidentiality & Privacy

Generally speaking, the information provided by and to the client during therapy sessions is legally confidential. Confidential information cannot be released without the client’s consent or in any court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Colorado without the consent of the person to whom the information sought relates. There are exceptions to this confidentiality, some of which are listed in section 12-43-218 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, and the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Rights you were provided as well as other exceptions in Colorado and Federal law.

Some limits of confidentiality are:

  • Threat of harm to self or others, which includes those identifiable by their association with a specific location or entity, including grave disability
  • Known or suspected child abuse
  • Known or suspected elder abuse, which includes exploitation of an at-risk elder
  • Court order, or other mandate of State and/or Federal Law
  • Written consent from the client
  • In the investigation of a complaint or if you file a civil suit against me

You should also be aware that if you should communicate any information involving a threat to yourself or to others, I may be required to take immediate action to protect you or others from harm. If a legal exception arises, if feasible, you will be informed accordingly. The Mental Health Practice Act (CRS 12-43-101, et seq.) is available here.

Additionally, although confidentiality extends to communications by text, email, telephone, and/or other electronic means, I cannot guarantee that those communications will be kept confidential and/or that a third-party may not access our communications. Even though I may utilize state of the art encryption methods, firewalls, and back-up systems to help secure our communication, there is a risk that our electronic or telephone communications may be compromised, unsecured, and/or accessed by a third-party. Please review and fill out the Consent for Communication of Protected Health Information by Unsecure Transmissions.

Notice of Privacy Practices

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